Tailscale takes long to connect

tailscale commit: 9d6867fb0ab30a33cbdfc8e583f5d39169dbb2e6
other commit: 2d0f7ddc35aa4149e67e27d11ea317669cccdd94
go version: go1.18.1-ts710a0d8610
Im using the latest version of tailscale on android for the client.

When I try to connect on tailscale it takes up to 5 minuts before it actually works, is there any fix for this or am i just gonna have to live like that?

That’s not expected behavior, so we’d definitely want to take a look.

In the Android app if you hit “bug report” from the menu, it will drop a bug report identifier into your clipboard. If you send that along to support@tailscale.com along with this issue, we can take a look at the logs to see what is causing the trouble.