'tailscale status' returns 'active; relay' for a machine that's turned off

There’s a machine in my tailnet which is currently turned off.

Just noticed that when I run tailscale status on one of my other machines, it returns “active; relay” for that machine. There’s no need for other machines in my tailnet to try to connect to this one, because it’s turned off, but it seems tailscale is trying anyway and going via a relay.

Would be great if there was a way to mark machines as “Disabled” or something similar in the Admin panel to avoid situations like this - I don’t want to remove the machine from the tailnet entirely, but if I know it’s off, may as well tell tailscale not to try to connect to it via relay.

If you have nodes trying to send it stuff, Tailscale will try to bring up a Wireguard tunnel. It is a tiny amount of traffic to probe for connectivity in trying to set up a Wireguard tunnel. To stop that from happening, the other nodes on the tailnet would need to not send it traffic.

That’s the thing though, I’m not trying to send it stuff, but it’s still producing that result in tailscale status. If the amount of traffic is small then maybe it’s no big deal, but some way of marking machines as “disabled” when you know they’re offline and shouldn’t be contacted would be handy to have, even just as a housekeeping thing for the Admin panel.