Tailscale Remote IP wrong?

Tailscale version: 1.40.0
Your operating system & version: Ubuntu 22.04

I’m trying to transition my domain from being accessible over the public internet (through DDNS) to only accessible remotely via Tailscale.

On my server, I’ve installed Tailscale normally, and it’s all working at the basic level, but I’m having trouble getting my Traefik and Authelia setup to work with Tailscale. When I connect, Authlia has certain rules applied, depending on the remote IP (such as from the local network, bypassing some authentication).

What I’m seeing when attempting to connect to services hosted on the server via Tailscale, the remote IP seen by Authelia is the IP of the Traefik container (and sometimes the proxy network’s gateway IP).

  • Both Traefik and Authlia are containers
  • Traefik is listening on 80 and 443 in host mode
  • DNS rewrites happen as needed for setting my domain to either the local IP or the Tailscale IP
  • Connecting locally with HTTPs and the local IP as the server IP works fine