Tailscale got error on Hassio Pi (Error: Portmapper) (Home Assistant)


I installed TailScale on two HASSIO Pis to connect them.
On one of them I get the following error in the log:
"portmapper: failed to get PCP mapping: PCP response not ok, code 2"

What can I do? I cant ping those two Pis :confused:

The portmapper error shouldn’t prevent connectivity, it just means they cannot use portmapping to make a direct connection.

One speculation: was one of the Hassio devices cloned from the filesystem of the other? If so, they’re fighting over the same node key and IP address. To correct this, shut down tailscale on one of them and remove the tailscale.state file. Usually this is in /var/lib/tailscale/tailscale.state, but I recall the Hassio plugins put Tailscale in a container and it likely has a different path.

Then you can start Tailscale again, and it should ask to be reauthenticated.

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Thanks for the fast reply!
I did not clone the filesystem - installed them both seperated from each other - one by one.
Should I try ur solution anyway?

I mean what I do is: i go into the Terminal/SSH plugin and try to ping the orher pi. It doesnt matter where i start the ping - the PIs cant ping each other.

If the filesystem was not cloned, then removing the tailscale.state file and reauthenticating would not help.

I guess I’d say start with the basics:

  1. In the tailscale status output, do they see each other?
  2. Does tailscale ping <ip> work?
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When I try to enter talescale it sais command not found. :confused:
As I told: I am on HASSIO - maybe thats it?


Tha Hassio plugins I’ve seen put tailscale into a container, I believe because hassio’s plugin model expects it. You’d need to figure out what container tailscale is running in.

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Do you know how to achieve this? I just tried Portainer Add-On - but it does not show me any containers -.-

The plugins were developed by others and I am not familiar with how they work.