Tailscale connection to a 2013 Samsung TV


I am Swiss, but I live in Germany and want to see Swiss-Live-TV (SRF - SRF 1 - Live - TV - Play SRF) in Germany. Normaly most of the programm is geoblocked.

But I connected a Raspberry Pi with tailscale to the internetrouter from my brother-in-law in Switzerland to get a swiss IP-Adress.

In my Home Network in Germany with my Windows PC with tailscale or with my smartphone with tailscale I can connect to the swiss Raspberry Pi and see Swiss-TV.

I have even a Raspberry Pi with tailscale in my Home Network (Fritzbox 7590 Router) and I have a 2013 Samsung Flatscreen TV with LAN connection to the Home Network.
I can not install tailscale on the Samsung TV.

My question: Because of the larger monitor, how can I lock Swiss-TV on my Samsung TV?