Tailscale and ExpressVPN

I now have this going on.
Windows 10 pro machine.
Tailscale 1.9.44
ExpressVPN 10.2.4

ExpressVPN set in split tunnel mode,
only allow Brave browser and Tixati
Don’t allow Firefox, all 3 Tailscale exe’s, Jellyfin

I can access https://hello.ipn.dev/ only from Brave, not Firefox. (when ExpressVPN is connected,
and Firefox but not Brave when not connected to ExpressVPN)
Tailscale seems to work as if should; I can access it from the local network, and the internet.
When I enter Tailscale Status in a CMD window, it will show Direct for local connections, and relay for internet connections. (I am on T-Mobile home internet. Multiple NAT).

The Relay on the internet makes sense, but my question is, Is there any way to know if the Tailscale connections are being routed through the ExpressVPN connection?

One of the best ways to check would be to look in the admin panel. Then you can compare your public IP address without the VPN to the one the admin panel reports. Alternatively you could tailscale ping another node and then see what tailscale status returns for that node.