Tailfrop unable to send file

I am unable to send files in the following scenarios

WIndows to android
Windows to Synology (checked permissions user tail scale has both read and write permissions )
In both cases, I see this error

Android to Synology

The only route which works is Android to windows


Your Synology will need to be using at least tailscale 1.18, which will need to be manually installed from https://pkgs.tailscale.com/stable/#spks

Then you can follow the instructions to set up taildrop on synology

If you’re still having a problem after following those steps, please send the tailscale ip address of your synology unit to support@tailscale.com

I am already on 1.22.1 on Synology NAS.

email sent. please check the bug.

The issue was folder not created correctly.
The guide is not clear on how to create the “shared folder” instead of a simple folder. Please update the tail-drop page on how to create a shared folder and give read and write permission to tail-scale user.

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We’re filed an issue to add more documentation for this.

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I would like to see the new documentation for this too. When I followed the instructions on creating the new shared folder, I went back to Properties, Permissions and I see no system user named tailscale. Only Administrators. I do have the 1.22 version of Tailscale installed on this Synology also. I was able to read deeper into the instructions and discover that the issue was ambiguous wording. I WAS able to choose tailscale system user from the drop down on that Taildrop, Property, Permission, CREATE field. This could be described better. Hope this helps.