Taildrop on window change default location

how can we change the default location of taildrop on windows 11?

We’d expect to add more configurability to the Taildrop feature in the future, but currently there isn’t a way to set a different download location.

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Prob not a Taildrop question, but long as we’re here: a couple of my Windows endpoints won’t let me Taildrop, what sorts of issues might cause that effect? The client shows in the Taildrop list but greyed out. Thanks.

Currently, you can only taildrop to your own machines. They will not be available if they’re owned by another user or tag.

You won’t be able to taildrop to a machine if it has shields up set.

more information here: Taildrop · Tailscale

If that’s not the case, then you can send the tailscale ip address of one of the greyed out nodes to support@tailscale.com

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Thanks. Makes sense.