Taildrop - 2 Users Upload to separate shares?

Tailscale installed and configured
Taildrop configured to allow files (photos) to be “shared” using Android phone with Tailscale app installed to share created on Unriad server.
Works for individual photos perfect.


Is there a way to send multiple photos at one time?

Can Taildrop be used by another person to allow them to upload thier photos to a different share on the Unraid server? I only saw the ability to define one share within the Tailscale setting for Unraid.

I can access my Unraid Server Dashboard from outside my network (cell Data) . Using internal IP address only. 192.168.1.xx and not hostname. Hostname access would be nice.

Cannot connect to or browse shares created on the Unraid server. Have tried IP Address followed by the name of the share i.e. 192.168.1.xx \data

No workie.

Here are my configured UP Flags

–advertise-exit-node --advertise-routes=