Synology DC Video - Google TV not connecting

TAILSCALE - love the ability to be more secure to access my device using the finder via the IP address! Plus using the IP to connect to the web version of the DSM! THANK YOU

Turning off the quickconnect service how can I use the Tailscale IP to connect to the DS Video via my android (Google TV) app? I add the Tailscale IP but it doesn’t connect? Is there a way to let the app on the Synology box through the Tailscale VPN? I have tried the IP with the port number nothing is connecting.

Side note - I am able to connect to the device using the local IP address - which works just fine for the tv but what about the DS Video app on my phone?


On the Android device I needed to approve the device using the app.

I presume this will go for the Google TV device as well.

If the Android device has Tailscale installed, I’d expect the Tailscale IP address of the Synology to work for DS Video.

If it doesn’t, in the Android app’s menu is a “Bug Report…” item. Capturing a bug report immediately after access to the Synology fails would give something to focus on for diagnosis.

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Thank you! I will test to see if I can install the Tailscale app will install on google tv/chromecast to allow remote access to the server for the DS Video.

Thank you for you time!