Switching from wg add-on to tailscale on hassio no access

I have used wireguard flawlessly for over a year and it could not be any simpler. When i am not connected to my wifi I enable wirguard and can access anything in my home network by ip address.

I followed the instructions to add-on tailspin via ha supervisor and it looks like it is setup correctly. I can see homeassistant as a machine and it give an ip address, but i cannot connect to it which is the point. I must be missing something. I am not even talking about subnet yet, i just want to at least access my ha. why doesnt it?

edit: i see I called it tailspin by accident, but so far thats what it is so ill leave it for now

Can you please send your Tailscale IP and/or domain name to support@tailscale.com so we can look at the logs to understand the issue to support you?

after a couple more attempts it now works, i can access ha. now i will move on to being able to access other devices