Simple Feature Request: copy IP to clipboard

Its nothing major and feel free to ignore this:

I have a simple idea for the list of machines page. I happen to browse the page often just to get the IP of a machine. There is no easy way to copy the IP as I cant select the IP text itself. I end up going into the machines detail page where I copy the IP from the URL bar (the IP entries on the page itself again are not selectable). Maybe consider copying the IP to the clipboard onClick() on the IP text or add a little clipboard icon next to the IP.

I like your service and that would make my life easier :slight_smile:

You can copy the machine IP from tray icon by just clicking on “This Device:…”. If you are in remote machine you can go to admin console and select IP and copy it from machine. Not sure if this is not what you are asking for. Can you brief us what is the usecase here? or feel free to create feature request on Issues · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub.

I’m using tailscale on Linux systems, so there is sadly no tray icon to use (yet?) so I use the dashboard to fetch the IP.

I just realized, that apparently you updated the dashboard (or something was wrong on my end and its fine again) :slight_smile: Im able to select the IP text again to copy it to my clipboard :). This can be closed.

Another option you can use instead of the admin panel: tailscale status will show all of the devices you can connect to, along with their IP address. There is also tailscale status --json which offers more detail and is easier for programs to process.

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thank you :slight_smile: very useful!