Running KVM Barrier over office WIFI through Tailscale

I am in an office WIFI where I’m trying to run KVM Barrier.

I can ping the server using Tailscale’s IP from the client, but when I try to connect, it says:

The requested address is a broadcast address, but the appropriate flag was not set.

FYI, Barrier allows me to change the port (default is 24800).

I tried getting help from barrier side but doesn’t seem anyone knows there.

Does anyone got Barrier working over Tailscale?

Thank you

Turns out it was because on the client (Windows 10), the NordVPN app that was blocking the KVM traffic. I put Barrier on the split tunnelling policy of NordVPN and it’s working now!

This slipped by me because on my Barrier server (Mac), the NordVPN app is running and doesn’t seem to have any effect.