Route all traffic for specifc user through exit node

Is it possible to route all traffic for a soecific user through an exit node while other users are not affected?

I thought it might be possible using ACLs, but after reading the documentation it seems I was wrong?

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Not sure what you mean by “while other users are not affected?”

I want a single user using our public IP for everything (because he is located on a different continent) while others should access their sites using their own internet uplink

So this user should reach let’s say using our public ip, while I would use my personal provider’s ip

Hey Sascha, exit nodes are opt-in per user on the local device. Your user can send their traffic through an exit node hosted on your network (with your public IP) while other users in the Tailnet will go through their own provider’s IP if they don’t use the exit node.

That sounds at least as a way to go. There is no way to enforce such a single user policy?