Roaming device and --accept-routes

I’ve got a machine in my home sharing a route for
On my laptop I did ‘tailscale up --accept-routes’ and this is working great - I can access my home network from outside.

However when I’m at home my traffic still seems to go through talescale rather than being sent directly, even when my laptop now has an address in The reason I can tell is that a few apps with ACLs set up to only allow traffic from, however these apps now see my traffic as coming from somewhere in

Is there a way to make tailscale skip setting up routes for somewhere I can already access directly? Apart from ‘tailscale down’ of course - I do still want to use tailscale to access other networks.

I couldn’t see mention of this anywhere in the docs.


Tailscale version 1.30.2
Your operating system & version Ubuntu Linux 22.04