Remote pihole in same network w/3 rasp. pies all tailscaled losses remote access for dns

Love tailscale.
I have a remote network using tailscale for 3 raspberry pi cameras and in that same network a pihole using tailscale. All use pihole for dns.

Prior to updating local desktop running Ubuntu FocalFossa to Ubuntu Jammy, whenever I turned on the local desktop tailscale would start and use the dns features of pihole on the remote internal network.

After upgrading, I cannot connect to remote network. In order to do so I must first assign a public dns service like via the local machine’s network manager to gain any network access, and then once connected, reassign the remote pihole tailscale internatl network ip address once again to the local machine dns network manager only after establishing connection without tailscale.

Prior to upgrade of desktop on local machine, tailscale would start up and connect automatically, now I have to manally do as I explained above.

Any suggestions?


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