RDP to Win10 works from WiFi…not from cellular

Loving Tailscale…having fun experimenting. Have a Tailnet with multiple devices all authenticated under my account. So far all protocols are working except for RDP from a client connected by cellular data (T-Mobile) to a wired RDP host: in this case I don’t even get a login prompt. If I enable WiFi on same device the same RDP config succeeds.

I’ve done a bunch of troubleshooting and testing and can’t figure out what’s happening. As I said all other tested protocols work on either connection (cellular or WiFi)

If it helps diagnose the issue I’m connecting from iPad ( to a Windows desktop ( I’ll run a few more connections right now (10:56am PST 3/27/22)

Any help appreciated.

After you connect from wifi, and again on cellular, from the Windows machine, goto a command prompt and run tailscale status

This should give you a list of nodes and how that machine is connected, if at all. If it says “Relay” or appears like no connection while on cellular, its likely your cell provider is the issue and Tailscale can’t make a connection. You could also run tailscale bugreport to get a code to add to this post where the TS team can probably troubleshoot further.

@gregg098, thanks for the suggestion.

Since I couldn’t run the CLI on the iPad I used my laptop to hotspot via cellular and got an identical tailscale status for both connections. RDP also worked on both.

Since RDP worked over hotspot cellular I then tested my iPad using that method and wouldn’t you know it, the RDP worked.

Finally, I tested a different RDP client (Jump) from the iPad using cellular directly (no hotspot) and it also worked.

So after all that…my troubles weren’t a Tailscale issue but rather Microsoft’s RDP client apparently won’t work on cellular connections. Perhaps it’s a config issue but I haven’t found it yet.

Moving on to better problems…