Raspberry Pi requirements

I’m looking to build a Pi-Hole (incl. DHCP server) and Tailscale on a Raspberry Pi. What is a reasonable version to buy? Would PiZero be enough, or would the combination need more powerful hardware?
PS: I have an Unraid homelab for other needs.

I wouldn’t use an original Raspberry Pi Zero - it’s got a really slow CPU as compared to a Pi2 or later. I think later versions of the Pi Zero device are a bit better in comparison, but for any new application I’d think a Pi 3 is the minimum I’d spend money to buy.

Of course, if you already have one around, give it a try… Or you have a requirement for that smaller form-factor…

I swapped out a Pi Zero W for a Raspberry Pi 3 running genmon and the performance improvement was really, really obvious.

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Thanks for your reply! I guess I will go with a Raspberry Pi 4b, just found a store that actually has in stock the 8GB version. Thus I’ll have a good reason to learn more about the RPI ecosystem and perhaps tinker with coding in Python.
Thanks again!