Public IP not changing on Win10 Machine when connecting to Pi Exit Node

So I have a Windows machine on Network 1 and I’ve got a Raspberry Pi on Network 2 (with exit-node enabled and subnets enabled/approved)
When attempting to connect to the Pi exit node through the Windows 10 machine (right-click icon → Exit Node → Pi Hostname), my public IP doesn’t change the IP of the Pi.
I can confirm I can connect to the Pi from a mobile device via the app, but not through my Win10 machine.

I can access local resources on the Pi’s LAN (default gateway, shares, etc) but the public IP remains the same. What am I doing wrong?

Fixed my own issue. Had to disable the Exit node on the Windows machine.
How come I can’t connect to an exit node (eg Rasp Pi) while advertising myself as an exit node? (Win10 machine)