Prevent Auto-Connect on Restart/Login

Is there a way to prevent the Windows Tailscale client from auto-connecting on a system boot/login? I use Tailscale on my system as an outbound client only when I need to, and it conflicts with some other stuff I also run at times. Would be nice to not have to remember to turn it off every time I boot my system.

You could try to disable the autostart option

Sure, but that is not quite the same. I would also like it to start disconnected. If killing it was the only way to disconnect there would not be a menu item to disconnect

you could always create a batch file with ‘tailscale.exe down’ and drop it in the startup folder. (type shell:startup or shell:common startup in Windows File Explorer).

If you need help creating the batchfile, let me know. You also might be able to create a scheduled task on ‘shutdown’, but I haven’t looked to see if that is possible.

This way, the client is still running, just not connected.