Possible documentation issue with Magic DNS

Hi all, I just installed Tailscale today across all my devices today and I’ve got to say I’m really impressed with how easy the setup was!

I have just one issue with Magic DNS. I have a macOS device with default assigned hostname tim-mac.home. The documentation says I should be able to use just tim-mac.account.beta.tailscale.net, without the .home part. However, it doesn’t work:

$ uname
$ tailscale ping tim-mac
error looking up IP of "tim-mac": lookup tim-mac on no such host

In contrast, the device page on the admin console says that the hostname is tim-mac-home, which works:

$ tailscale ping tim-mac-home
pong from tim-mac-home ( via DERP(xyz) in 147ms

I would love it if the documentation could be clarified to say that . in the hostname gets replaced by -.

Versions are:

  • macOS: 1.2.4 from Mac App Store
  • Linux for testing: 1.2.8 from the AUR tailscale-bin package

Thanks for the report! I’ve filed a bug for it here: https://github.com/tailscale/tailscale/issues/971. We can’t guarantee a timeline for the fix, but it should be an easy one, so hopefully soon.