On tailscale up I'm getting - not connected to home DERP region 5

I’ve been using my tailscale setup for moths connected to a server in my DC rack as the gateway and its been happy.

On Monday it was all broken for some reason, so I set up tailscale on another firewall machine and have it mostly working again.

However, on my laptop, when I do tailscale up --accept-routes --ssh I’m getting a warning

not connected to home DERP region 5

Which I hadn’t seen before when everything was working happily.

Is this an issue? A coincidence? Something I’ve broken?

Are you able to reach any of the region 5 DERP servers in a browser?

Hi DGentry,

sorry for the delay.

Yes, I can get to all three of those sites in a browser.

I just tried down and up tailscale not, and got the same error.

Interestingly, I’ve been away from home for a few days and didn’t see this error when I was tethered to my mobile internet (or at least, I don’t remember seeing it).