Okta registration question


I’m currently in the process of signing up for a Tailscale account with Okta and the guide here:

indicates that we should send our Okta client id and secret via email. Is this the most secure method for sending our app secret?

Cheers, Rob

Hello Rob,

You can email your okta details to support@tailscale.com if you want or email us @support asking for another way to share your okta details for activation, and we can provide you with the form link for sharing these details.

Thank you


we did it as well because of security issues (both, not working with purely wireguard but instead with Tailscale and not sending the secret key via mail)

So we send via mail with a self destructible link to the secret key, that has worked for us.

Also, if you´re a startup like us, may consider registering at developer.okta.com instead of their corporate site if you want to spare some money.

Hope I could help.