Multiple Accounts on One System?

How can one use multiple Tailscale accounts on one system? For example, you may want to connect a tailscale system to two different tailscale networks.

For example:

  • Web server, should be accessible to two separate users.
  • A MacOS user needs to be able to access two Tailnets, because there are different servers on both.
  • Servers in Tailnet A, should not be able to directly talk to Tailnet B.


just an idea, that tailscaled has

-tun string tunnel interface name; use "userspace-networking" (beta) to not use TUN (default "Tailscale")
-port value UDP port to listen on for WireGuard and peer-to-peer traffic; 0 means automatically select (default 0)

But how does this connect with what I’m asking?

you could run two instances of tailscale each using a different tun and port
each instance would use one account.

another option might be sharing

Multiple accounts are not supported today. The suggested approach is to connect all devices to the same Tailnet and use ACLs:

There is an existing feature request for this you can follow on GitHub here: Support connecting to multiple networks · Issue #183 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub