Move user account to different organisation

I am connecting to TailScale using an M365 account, for illustrative purposes let’s say the email was email_tsgroup_com, when the invite was sent, this user account was added to the tsgroup_com organisation.

I wanted it to connect to an existing organisation named ts_com. I thought I could fix this by changing the primary email and username in M365 to email_ts_com, and then invite email_ts_com to TailScale again.

I did this, however, when I connect using the email_ts_com account it always connects to the tsgroup_com network, therefore I cannot connect to any of my shared resources in ts_com.

Is there any way of deleting the tsgroup_com organisation or forcing my new email_ts_com account to connect to the ts_com network please?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

(Apologies for the cryptic addresses, but I wasn’t able to post this with links.)