Monitor Tailscale by Prometheus

Tailscale version v1.24.2
Your operating system & version Linux

Hi, Tailscale forum!
I deployed a Taiscale instance to the GCP instance and I’m planning to monitor it by Prometheus.
I found that I can access /v0/metrics endpoint will will return the Peer API metrics.

But I want to monitor the expvar metrics declared here → tailscale/metrics.go at fc160f80ee22e75d1c0912e063f8752e2dbafa19 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub

Please tell us how we can get the metrics and the path.
Thank you in advance.

tailscaled --debug= and then http://localhost:1234/debug/metrics is probably what you’re looking for? It’s not clear what metrics in particular you want. You linked to a somewhat generic file that’s used by several things.

Note that the Prometheus metrics are not considered a stable interface; it might change between releases.