Manually specifying endpoint IP address?

My ISP unfortunately has been behind a double nat and I cannot pinhole the port required. Currently my connections max out at 2MB/s which is OK for most things.

I have a VPS that I use to tunnel certain traffic inside my LAN. I would like to pinhole the proper port here, however my TS Node shows my ISPs external WAN address which I cannot use. Is there a way to override and set the endpoint IP address?

You could open a port on the VPS. As long as one end can establish a direct connection, then you won’t be relayed.

I have the same need to specifying endpoint IP address manually.

As shown in the figure.

All of my device are under a big local area network(campus network). My PC is under a router(my private router) which cannot be holed by Tailscale anyway. But I can set the PC as DMZ host, so I can directly access it with IP address in the campus actually. However, when using Tailscale, the data only go through DERP, but not try to access my PC via, because this intermediate address cannot be discovered by Tailscale.