Making squid proxy available in the cloud through tailscale


i want help regarding my workaround of making my proxy publicly accessible - i saw tailscale might do this.

I will try to breakdown the whole setup and make life easier for the answering person.

I have a local debian bullseye install - it has eth0 address
I have configured squid proxy to make the proxies available to all my devices

so, example proxy would look like this < it uses eth1 3129 < it uses eth2

so, the proxy part is clear.

Now, these proxies are available to all the devices connected to main router. I want to make them available from public internet or to a certain device in the cloud.

i have installed tailscale on my windows vps and tried to access those proxies but i saw no response, ping not working.

How can i make them available?
I want to access them by the address but not tailscale public IP

Thank You