MacOS - Tailscale machine names w/o TS DNS

Loving TailScale. I have to use local DNS for a few reasons, so I turn off Tailscale DNS in MacOS preferences.

When I do this, my Tailscale machine names are now unknown to my Mac. This is as expected, as I am not using Tailscale DNS, but (a) less savvy users who start using Tailscale are not doing to realize the connection, and (b) is there a clever way to have my Tailscale cake and eat it, too?

Cheap-and-hacky would be to do what Docker (on MacOS) does and just append Tailscale machine names and addresses to /private/etc/hosts . Keep track of when / if they have been added to hosts. If a name changes, this gets thornier. Note: this is what I did manually, but not something my relatives can do easily.

Other ways? Thx