MacOS El Capitan

I’ve got an old Mac Mini that will only run MacOS up to El Capitan.
The App Store won’t let me install Tailscale because of how old the Mini is.
I’m seeking suggestions on how to add this old Mac Mini to my tailscale network. Any ideas?

The Tailscale client can not run on MacOS El Capitan because it uses an OS feature called the NetworkExtension, which did not exist in El Capitan. It is unlikely that El Capitan will ever be supported in the Tailscale client available in the app store.

There are two possible alternatives to allow this machine to be reachable via Tailscale:

  1. use a relay node:
    Currently only Linux systems are supported as relay nodes, you would need to have a Linux device with Tailscale installed on the local LAN. The Linux relaynode would relay connections to the El Capitan machine.

  2. Work is being done on a Tailscale client for homebrew on MacOS. Running with homebrew means it can not use the NetworkExtension and has to develop an alternate mechanism. It is possible, though not guaranteed, that this alternate mechanism will be able to support older MacOS releases like El Capitan. You can follow for updates on the homebrew development.

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