macOS: default route (exit-node) can not work in opensource tailscaled?

There is 3 nodes in my tailnet.

  • (home1) Ubuntu 20.10: work as exit-node
  • (office1) Ubuntu 20.10
  • (office2) MacOS(M1)

And has configured the exit-node, office1 work well. office1 mulspace@ linux - office2 mulspace@ macOS - home1 mulspace@ linux active; exit node; direct, tx 148 rx 0

But, when I build/run the tailscaled as the below link. It can not write the default route in MacOS.

From the log, it is failed in run the command “route -q -n add -inet -iface utun2”.
Can default-route (advertised by another node) work in MacOS with opensource code?

exit node support hasn’t been implemented in the open source Tailscaled on MacOS. I expect it will be possible to do so, but isn’t working yet (and is not imminent).

Yes. It is expected to add it. thanks DGentry.