Machine key cloning detected - need help

tailscale 1.44.0
Windows 11

I opened CMD and ran:

tailscale status
and got this message:

# Health check:
#     - Tailscale machine key cloning detected; this machine won't work. See

which is weird as:

  • I am currently connected to this machine via RDP using its tailscale IP
  • accessing my tailscale dashboard, this machine is marked with a “duplicate node key” badge but it is the only one
  • none of my machines has a duplicate IP
  • I never cloned any machine, I simply moved this one from one hypervisor to another one

How do I get rid of this error without reinstalling tailscale seeing that this is a remote machine and I rely on tailscale to access it?

Never mind. The problem was sitting in front of the PC. somehow I overlooked an autostart option on the old hypervisor and I had indeed been running this VM on the old and new hypervisor :frowning: