Lot auth request on Tailscale shh on wsl

I’m new on Tailscale, so I don’t know very well how all the service that offer the free plan but I find a trouble that other user of tailscale not have.
I use tailscale ssh to connect to a remote machine and every time that I reboot a machine and use tailscale ssh to connect i found this message:

# Tailscale SSH requires an additional check.
# To authenticate, visit: https://login.tailscale.com/a/cd829634fbdd

I ask to other people how to say to tailscale that a machine is trusted and to not ask to login every reboot, but they said that they don’t have my problem (usually at some of them the key expires, but we on month, I reboot the pc in minutes and tailscale ask me to login)
Is it really a trouble of my setup of tailscale or tailscale request this level of security?
This problem happen on wsl2.


you can set the action to “accept” in your acls, see here: Tailscale SSH · Tailscale