Loosing Github Action machine after tailscale setup action

Hey community,

I am facing very strange issue after using GitHub - tailscale/github-action: A GitHub Action to connect your workflow to your Tailscale network.,

       - name: Setup Tailscale
         id: tailscale
         uses: tailscale/github-action@main
           authkey: ${{ secrets.TAILSCALE_AUTHKEY }}
           version: 1.28.0

After successful step of setuping tailscale, my runner looses connection with github.

Logs from github runner machine:

Current runner version: '2.296.1'
2022-09-05 13:07:28Z: Listening for Jobs
2022-09-05 13:25:03Z: Running job: artifactory
2022-09-05 13:27:44Z: Runner connect error: The HTTP request timed out after 00:01:00.. Retrying until reconnected.
tailscale status
# Health check:
#     - not in map poll
tailscale netcheck

        * UDP: false
        * IPv4: (no addr found)
        * IPv6: no
        * MappingVariesByDestIP: 
        * HairPinning: 
        * PortMapping: 
        * Nearest DERP: unknown (no response to latency probes)