Login:password credential in http://<tailscale IP> safe?

Hi there,

I set up a Tailscale mesh (raspian + synology + macos): it works! by the way, what a nice solution is Tailscale!

Problem: I’m trying to prevent my Raspberry from unsafe access (a webcam stream is served on its 192.168.x.x:8081): i set ufw to reject all, etc.
I can access to the streaming feed with the Tailscale IP BUT the CCTV program needs a login and password in the url (like rtsp:// or http://login:password@:8081).
When on Tailscale (from a device from my Tailscale mesh of course), it is SAFE to request: http://login:password@:8081 ???

Thanks a lot, the answer is No for me but I"d like some insights from you.

FL. Hight