Lags and freezes when m3u streaming over subnet router on RPi4

I encounter lags and freezes when trying to set up a m3u playlist LiveTV stream from my home network to a client that is located in an apartment I use while working on weekdays.

In fact, within my home network a DreamBox One (Linux Sat Receiver) acts as an IPTV-Server (OE2.6, Newnigma2 Image, E2 IPTV Server).

The RaspberryPi4, also within my home network, runs Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and a tailscale subnet router (sudo tailscale up --advertise-routes= to share my home network to my remote location and therefore, the streaming url inside the m3u playlist is generated like this: http :// 8001/P:R:O:V:I:D:E:R:N:R:. LAN IP Address and port 8001 (standard).

The tailscale client at my remote apartment is a nVidia Shield that uses Kodi with the IPTV Simple Client to make use of those links, but unfortunately the stream comes in laggy, although the internet connection(s) are sufficiently fast on both sides (I’ve tried to stream while bypassing Tailscale for testing purposes; see below;)

Setup in short:
Shield ( —> Home network RPi4 (; —> DreamboxOne (

Things I’ve tried:

  • While using the same Tailscale setup: Add a simple NFS share (LAN IP) to KODI and stream a .ts file (HD) from a NAS → runs without lags!
  • Bypass Tailscale: Portforward 8001 on my router and stream IPTV directly from the IPTV Server on the DreamBox → runs without lags!
    Obviously, this is not a permanent solution, but shows that the tailscale subnet router config seems to mess with those m3u LiveTV streams, although streaming a simple .ts file works without an issue.

I thought about installing tailscale directly onto the DreamboxOne (and use the tailscale IP address for the streaming urls), but unfortunately the platform is not supported.
I’ve found [static binaries and a systemd service definition](https :// that might be a possible solution to get tailscale running on a DreamBoxOne with OE2.6, but I am not sure about this.

Anyone an idea what could cause those lags and freezes using the setup as described?
Or has anyone a How-To use the static binaries with systemd?

HLS streaming through subnet routing was not reliable.

After adapting .services and using static binaries to establish a direct tunnel solved the lagging problem.