Keys seem to be saved as plain text

hello and thanks

i was curious where the keys are stored.
i found folder C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Tailscale
in that folder is a plain text file server-state.conf with the contents.

  • are those the wireguard keys?
  • if not, where are the keys stored.
  "_machinekey": "xxx",
  "server-mode-start-key": "xxx",
  "xxx": "xxx"

if those are wireguard and other keys*,

  • they seem to be stored as plain text, perhaps encoded?
    are they encrypted?
  • the file permissions seem too permissive, the administrators group has full control and thus can read and edit the contents of the file.
    i read that tailscale runs as system user, so why does administrators group have full control?

thanks much,