Issues with wsl2

hello, thanks

w11.64bit - ts v1.18.0

root@wsl01:~# tailscaled
logtail started
Program starting: v1.18.0-t22d969975-g7022e5a4c, Go 1.17.2-ts7037d3ea51: []string{"tailscaled"}
LogID: 7f11fa3a29bb4a5d447a48e4a53e71058ee84fd550894ab669038b007869f9c6
logpolicy: using system state directory "/var/lib/tailscale"
wgengine.NewUserspaceEngine(tun "tailscale0") ...
router: v6nat = true
dns: [rc=unknown ret=direct]
dns: using *dns.directManager
link state: interfaces.State{defaultRoute=eth0 ifs={eth0:[]} v4=true v6=false}
magicsock: disco key = d:f8daf7cfa53a4b76
Creating wireguard device...
Bringing wireguard device up...
Bringing router up...
external route: up
wgengine.NewUserspaceEngine(tun "tailscale0") error: address family not supported by protocol
wgengine.New: address family not supported by protocol
flushing log.
logger closing down
logtail: dialed "" in 72ms

This appears similar to Tailscale not working on Unraid after upgrade to 1.18 · Issue #3358 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub.
Can you try loading 1.19.10 or later from ? It contains what should be a fix, which will make it into a 1.18.1 release soon.

thanks much, that is working.

in past, had this issue, with pinging between wsl2 and its host machine using relays.
now ts is not using relays

will do more testing and if i find any issues i will post here.

on wsl2 machine, not able to ping other machines except for the wsl2 host, which is en08

user01@wsl01:~$ tailscale ping bnas
error looking up IP of "bnas": lookup bnas on no such host
user01@wsl01:~$ tailscale ping
no matching peer
user01@wsl01:~$ tailscale ping en08
pong from en08 ( via in 1ms


Yes, I confirm the bug is the same on WSL2 and that 1.19.10 fixes it.

So the cherry-pick to 1.18.1 (later today?) will fix this.