Is this possible to use proxy on exit node?

Tailscale version 1.12.1

I have an OpenWRT router at, this router is also been set as an exit node.
There is a clash proxy on, on the router, I can use curl to access google.
I have added as a Global Nameserver in the admin DNS panel, and have set override local DNS.
When I use this router as the exit node on another node.
The DNS setting is working, since nslookup command show it used
But I can’t access google with curl BTW, if I export http_proxy='' first, I can assess google.

I want to access google on other nodes as well. Is this possible?

Anyway, if I use WireGuard, I just need to use a config like below, and it works

Address = 192.168.2.x/32 # IPV4 address client is allowed to connect as
PrivateKey = privatekey # Client private key goes here
DNS = # DNS client should use for resolution (Cloudflare here)

PublicKey = publickey # Server public key
Endpoint = some-domain:51820 # Where the server is at + the listening port
AllowedIPs =, ::/0 # Forward all traffic to server