Is there a way to see machine IPs after passing through a subnet router?

I have a subnet router running in an AWS VPC. I want to be able to communicate with a Tailscale device and an instance inside the VPC and also have the instance access the Tailscale Machine IP of the device. Is there a way of facilitating this? I tried looking at the http_x_forwarded_for variable in the instance’s nginx layer but that was empty, and the remote_addr variable is set to the subnet router’s AWS private IP.

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I have a similar scenario.

POC for a client, different sites hitting an HTTP API exposed on a private NLB in an AWS VPC.
Once the devices hit the API I need to be able to tell the origin (different sites) for the request.

site0…n → router → NLB → myApp

think the only way to do this is disable snat on the subnet gateway via --snat-subnet-routes=false. But then you have to take care that your vpc machines know how to reach