Is it possible to join without sharing my own node?


Is is possible to join a network without giving other nodes in the network access to my own node? I only need to access the private services on the network, without other having access to the services on my node (eg: ssh).


Edit: What I was looking for is something similar to “External Clients” in netmaker: Ingress + External Clients — Netmaker 0.12.0 documentation

Node sharing Sharing your nodes with other users · Tailscale allows a node to be shared with another user. That other user will be allowed to connect to the shared node. The shared node will not be allowed to connect to anything.

I think what you ask can be achieved if that other network shares the nodes with you.

That means if I need to access resources on other nodes, those nodes need to be shared individually to me as well?

Right now, the available mechanism to access nodes on a tailnet you are not a member of is to have those nodes be shared with you. There may be other mechanisms in the future, but node sharing is the one available today.