Iptables and nftables

Your tailscale deb package has a dependency on iptables
(Ubuntu 20.04, focal)
This results in all the legacy handling to be installed, such that
/usr/sbin/iptables links through to

tailscale up then adds your own chains,
ts-forward and ts-input

As it happened, on one of my machines I had been teaching myself nftables, and had intentionally removed iptables etc, ufw and had created my own nftables.conf

Perhaps I am unobservant or inexperienced, but I missed having all iptables put back and it caused things not to work until i removed nftables.

I would have liked to be warned!

So, I conclude at the present time Tailscale is incompatible with pure only nftables
unless you can let me know the work around.


This is the known issue logged with Program routes and policy rules using netlink, not iproute2 · Issue #391 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub subscribe to it for future udpates.