Instructions for openSUSE MicroOS

Hi all, I have an update for the instructions at:

MicroOS is similar to Tumbleweed but is image-based so it needs a reboot, here are the modifications I made to the instructions:

## openSUSE MicroOS

# Add the tailscale repository 
sudo zypper ar -g -r 
# Install Tailscale 
sudo transactional-update pkg in tailscale 
# Reboot your PC
systemctl reboot
# Log in, enable and start tailscaled 
sudo systemctl enable --now tailscaled 
# Start Tailscale! 
sudo tailscale up

I looked in the tailscale github org to see if I could PR an update but wasn’t able to find anything, if this is user-facing I’d be happy to PR to the appropriate place, cheers!

For the graphical icon I installed this: Tailscale Status - GNOME Shell Extensions