IMAP issues when Tailscale running

Has anybody encountered an issue (or could give me hints on how to try to debug) with IMAP involved on a network with Tailscale.

I found Tailscale a month or so ago… loaded on multiple machines around the house (including a linux VM, unRaid server, couple of Mac’s, and a couple of iOS devices). Works wonderfully.

Had the unRaid server set as an exit node for my home/internal network. Again, all fine.

But my IMAP clients seemed flakey. They would randomly reload all the email in a given folder. This was true on multiple different clients (Apple Mail, Postbox on Mac, two iOS devices). It was true for multiple users.

All using the same email hosting provider (Dreamhost), but I’ve used them for years and this just suddenly happened.

Went through all the normal debugging (rebuild email profiles, make sure it’s talking on the right port, etc., etc.). Still randomly does it.

Racking my brain trying to figure out what else has changed… ah, Tailscale. I turned it off on my primary Mac. Still having issues.

Finally turned it off on every machine on the network. Now the issue seems to be gone.

I’ll start down the “one-by-one” turning it back on routine, but thought I would see if anybody had any thoughts as to what might be happening, or how to better debug.


Ok, disregard… looks like it was a server side issue that was finally resolved… hopefully it doesn’t come back.