I dont understant how access printer via subnet

Can you help me please?

I dont understand how set up subnet…

My router at home have IP

On Home assistant (RPi 4) is installed Tailscale with IP and subnets allowed with ip range

My printer at home have ip in local network

How to connect this printer via tailscale please?

A few things I would check, assuming that you’ve used --advertise-routes= on your RPi
1: have you set your subnet routes on the admin console?
2: If your remote machine is linux, have you used --accept-routes when launching tailscale?
3: Can you ping the printer using

More info is here: Subnet routers and traffic relay nodes · Tailscale

Hi a thank you for your help.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. No


Sorry. I now… maybe…

One device have set up advertise_routes and second device have set up accept routes, right?

If it’s Linux, you have to manually accept routes, I believe. Windows and phones should do that automatically when you connect.

What is the local IP range of your remote device? It’s it also on a LAN with 192.168… ?

Can’t access subnet either
1 ok
2 ok
3 ping ok
still can’t access through chrome or curl
have tried Windows, Android, iOS
PS: all network through DERP

If you are trying to reach the printer from the remote windows node, would you please verify that the “Use Tailscale Subnets” options are checked?

It’s checked. I checked all the options

Are you trying to run the printer discovery and reach to printer, that should not be expected to be working as it uses multicast. Use the subnet IP to reach your printer and it should work.