I cant connect to my raspberry pi zero w

From my Win10 PC I can connect to a raspberry pi 4 using pikvm with no issues.

I cant connect to the pi zero w at all from any device. I am getting ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

I am also getting this behaviour when I try to connect from my Win10 PC to my android s21+ running tailscale and from my android s21+ to both the PC and the pi zero w.

The only tailscale install that actually works is the raspberry pi 4 which will connect from any device.

Any ideas what I need to do to correct this? Thank you for your consideration.


not sure what the problem is but ts works fine on my pizw, pi4, winserver2019.

what command are you using for testing?
tailscale ping or what?

Thanks for the reply,

Here is what I get from a ping:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Tailscale IPN>tailscale ping 100.66.x.x
pong from pi-zero-w (100.66.x.x) via DERP(ord) in 806ms
pong from pi-zero-w (100.66.x.x) via in 9ms

Even though I can ping, it still doesnt want to connect though

Does the PiZero run a web server that you’re able to connect to from the LAN (without Tailscale)?

It is sending a TCP RST, which means there is nothing listening on the web server port. If there is no webserver running on the PiZero that would explain it. If there is a webserver running, it may have bound itself to the LAN interface specifically and sending RST to other interfaces.

I dont have any webserver running on it. I simply installed tailscale by the instructions provided on the tailscale website and it installed without any errors. What would I need to do to correct this particular issue you think?

what is it?
that screenshot, what application is that from, a web browser, running on w10 node?

if you can ping, that means the nodes can connect to each other.

so not sure what the particular issue exactly is?
can you describe it in more detail?

It is the PiZero that wont allow the connection from my Win10 PC to the PiZero. I am using chrome browser to input the tailscale IP for my PiZero. If I didnt answer you correctly then I am not sure I understand the question fully.

The particular issue is the PiZero not being connectable via the Win10PC using chrome browser.

the problem has not changed.

seems that TS is working correctly.

if you are not running a web server on the pi, then a web broswer has nothing to connect to.
web browsers need a webserver to connect to.

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ok, now i understand what you are trying to tell me. i am not using tailscale the correct way it seems. what do you suggest I use to connect to the PiZero and other devices in the future? thanks for your help.

on the node, in this case, the piz, needs to be running a service.

for example

  • running a webserver on port 80/443.
  • running a ssh server on port 22

the w10 node needs to connect to the piz on a service running on a port.

at https://login.tailscale.com/admin/services
you can see a list of available services and the ports they use.

or at https://login.tailscale.com/admin/machines
click on a machine to see the services it offers and what ports they use.
for example,

I will have a look at that and figure out the best way to go. SSH worked immediately. Thanks for the help even though it took me a minute to get my head srewed on straight. lol :smiley:


sure, i only started using TS a few days ago myself.
sure, others helped me get my head screwed kinda, sorta straight.
not there yet… :upside_down_face:

no need to hide the node’s ip address.
that is a private ip only visible to your tailscale account.

for example, millions of routers use the exact same subnet, 192.168.1.x and none of them can connect to one another.
in fact, that is what TS is designed to work around…

Good to know. Thanks for the info!

Tailscale addresses can be visible between different accounts i.e. node sharing. They are also globally unique so they are nothing like 192.168/16.