I cant connect hyperbackup between two Synology NAS

One of my NAS’s is on starlink behind a CGNAT.

I have successfully connected from a windows comp to my NAS for SFTP by installing the tailscale software on synology and windows machines.

I have enabled synology outbound connections on both NAS’s as in the article Access Synology NAS from anywhere · Tailscale

But for some reason, I cant connect to the default port 6281 for hyperbackup from one NAS to another.

The installed version on the NAS are 1,30.2 +300027

What am I missing?


I had to uninstall and re-install the latest version manually on NAS ver 1,34.1-340017.

I then had problems re-linking to my account, but thanks to dean4109, he found the answer:

I made an account here to share with everyone how I solved this issue. I was getting the same error and spent an evening trying to figure this out lol.

First, SSH’d into your Synology
Then run the command ‘sudo tailscale up’. Terminal then returns a custom URL which I was able to paste into my browser where I was allowed to log into my Tailscale account. From there everything was authenticated and is now running as it should on my Synology.

Also realized that the enable ssh needs to remain enabled otherwise the user defined script can not run.

Happy camper!


Thanks for sharing your solution with everyone.
Can never give enough thanks to people who think of others after their own problem got solved.
:grin: :beers: