How to tell the client connectivity between two nodes

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Tailscale version - v1.14.0
Your operating system & version - Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19043.1165]

how can in know the kind of connection between two nodes?
is there some command line where i can input two nodes and see the details?

finding it hard to understand the client connectivity
not sure what this really means, in a practical use.
the Varies is Yes


From a cmd.exe shell, tailscale ping 100.x.y.z will tell whether it was able to connect directly or had to go through DERP.

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please, a follow up questoin.

i live a 15 miles from nyc.
based on this output, why does tailscale choose to ping fra, not nyc?

tailscale ping
pong from hello ( via DERP(fra) in 378ms

tailscale netcheck

        * UDP: true
        * IPv4: yes,
        * IPv6: no
        * MappingVariesByDestIP: true
        * HairPinning: false
        * PortMapping:
        * Nearest DERP: New York City
        * DERP latency:
                - nyc: 5.3ms   (New York City)
                - dfw: 44.9ms  (Dallas)
                - sfo: 68ms    (San Francisco)
                - sea: 68.5ms  (Seattle)
                - lhr: 92.7ms  (London)
                - fra: 93.8ms  (Frankfurt)
                - sao: 130ms   (São Paulo)
                - tok: 170ms   (Tokyo)
                - blr: 224.5ms (Bangalore)
                - syd: 229.5ms (Sydney)
                - sin: 245.2ms (Singapore)

Frankfurt is the DERP which is registered with, because it runs in eu-central-1.

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thanks much for the help…