How to properly setup DNS of devices on a tailscale subnet?

Tailscale version 1.32.x
Your operating system & version Mix of Linux Kubuntu , Windows 10, Windows 11

I am successfully connecting my linux devices to a subnet which I have advertised on Server A. Server A is a kubuntu 22.04 LTS machine, allows SSH, and is running LXD alongside a network bridge (see Linux Containers - LXD - Introduction ) … Basically I spawn up LXD containers and they grab a DHCP’d address from LXD’s network bridge … for ex they are instantiated on range… and this is what is routed via tailscale to the tailnet.

I want to now setup DNS entries in a dynamic way for every user of the tailnet… so if my Client B or Client C try to hit somedomain.<mytailnet_magic_dns>.net it will be routed to some server setup via my infra on in that subnet … or what is the way forward to properly do this?? (And I am aware I could install the tailscale client on the containers but… if I wanted to avoid that, and setup my own private DNS server… or nameserver (I am a newb in this specific area) what is the right approach ? ) .

Stretch goal: The applications we develop react to the Domain name requested in the GET request… so I will need to figure out how to either start accepting tailnet addresses as if they are the real domain in Production (on public cloud) or do some sort of proxying in DNS… any advice is appreciated. thanks