How to configure to access private NAS on a open network?


Wondering how to configure the following - on macOS and also hopefully on iOS?

If I am in an open network - say a coffee shop - and I want to connect to my NAS at home - I have added my MacBook and my iPhone as endpoints as well as my NAS. So I can connected from my MacBook to my NAS via this tunnel. But if my understanding is correct - the rest of my traffic is in the clear on this open network - so any browsing say to google etc is not secure.

Is it possible to secure my entire network connection, while at the same time allowing the tunnel to my NAS ?

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Hi @narensankar

That’s correct, right now the connectivity to all your Tailscale devices is secure, but general internet browsing on an open connection is not.

We are working on adding a feature to route all of your traffic through Tailscale for situations exactly like what you describe: “I’m in a cafe with my macbook”.

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